Daily Reflections July 1

Uniting in solidarity, we rejoice that July 1 has finally arrived! This day marks a new beginning: one of hope and promise. The start of every month brings an opportunity to pause and reflect on our progress along the path to recovery.

For those of us struggling with alcoholism, July is an exceptional time for recalibration — a moment to evaluate how far we have come while renewing commitments towards personal growth.

The journey through addiction can often seem daunting; however, by reflecting on past successes and celebrating newfound strength, renewed hope begins to emerge out of the darkness. Today’s Daily Reflection allows us space to acknowledge where we are today without judgement or failure.

Daily Reflections July 1

The principles we have set down are guides to progress.


With Alcoholics Anonymous, I’m learning to trust that life is much like a beautiful sculptural creation.

Through working the Twelve Steps of my program and letting go into divine guidance from above, I place an empowered faith in knowing that God’s making something special out of every part of my journey – each day providing me with opportunities for growth & surrendering towards greater purposeful meaning.

Doing our best today allows us to be reassured by feeling held lovingly within these moments as we continue creating this exquisite masterpiece together step-by-step!

In the end, my daily reflections continually lead me to gratitude and peace. My Higher Power is always there with me, holding my hand and guiding the way.

The Twelve Steps provide a pathway of stability and support which helps me to live sober – free from addiction. I remember that despite the hardships of recovery, it’s ultimately about being in tune with life’s real beauties: being present in each moment, love for myself and others, inner-strength, courage, and transformation.

As somebody who has come a long way since July 1st I can happily say that these blessings were made possible by trusting in the process set forth for me by Alcoholics Anonymous.

So no matter what else comes to pass on this journey of sobriety there is one resounding truth: I don’t have to fight alone; I am part of something bigger and greater than myself.