Daily Reflections January 25

When we battle the disease of alcoholism, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by our thoughts and feelings. The days seem to pass us by as if on autopilot until suddenly we look up and find ourselves in a new place – maybe one that we never thought possible.

On January 25th, let’s take some time out of our day to reflect and get honest with ourselves about where we are at during recovery. No matter how long you have been sober for, or what milestones you have achieved so far, today provides an opportunity to pause and practice self-love through mindfulness, awareness and acceptance of your journey so far.

Daily Reflections January 25

. . . A.A. is really saying to every serious drinker, “You are an A.A. member if you say so . . . nobody can keep you out.”


Through Tradition Three’s guarantee of a place in A.A., I’ve encountered wonderful people who have helped me to grow spiritually, including Charlotte with her ethical principles, Clay and his patience, Winslow as an inspiration for selfless compassion towards others – not least Young Megan whose presence is sustained by witnessing my thirty years’ sobriety.

It truly is amazing how this simple acceptance has opened the door to such meaningful connection!

Reflecting on Tradition Three, I’m reminded that no matter how different someone might seem, we all share the common bond of alcoholism. We are a diverse fellowship of individuals united by our shared experience with addiction and recovery.

Although we come from all walks of life, the shared understanding of what it’s like to struggle with alcoholism brings us together in a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect. Charlotte taught me about ethics, Clay showed me patience and Winslow opened my heart to true compassion.

My sober journey and continued presence at meetings offer Young Megan an example she can look to for hope; it has taken me time to see just how universal our problem is and how similar all addicts’ stories resonate regardless of external differences.

Ultimately, A.A.’s Tradition Three – recognizing that we are one in the same – is one hearty step towards building unity amongst this unique yet interconnected group.