Daily Reflections January 24

How are you feeling today? Are you fighting the good fight? Remember, you are not alone. Many people are in the same boat as you. Every day, we all have to make a decision whether to drink or not.

Today is no different. Just take it one day at a time. You can do this! “I will take one day at a time.”

This is the mantra of Alcoholics Anonymous and for good reason. It’s simple, manageable, and practical.

Just focus on getting through today without drinking and tomorrow will take care of itself. Keep your head up and stay strong!

Daily Reflections January 24

There is action and more action. “Faith without works is dead.” . . . To be helpful is our only aim.ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, pp. 88-89

I know service is a vital part of recovery, but I often find myself wondering “What can I do?” Simply just doing my best today will go far!

When looking around at all the needs in front me; ashtrays being full? Hands and feet ready to empty them? Suddenly it’s hard not get involved.

The very person who may make terrible coffee as well has offered their help – they’re valuable members after all so let’s roll up our sleeves together.

I hope this has helped you to see that there are many ways in which we can help.

Sometimes it’s the little things, like emptying ashtrays or making coffee! The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed by your recovery responsibilities, think about what you have today and how you might be able to use those resources for good.

We all need support; let’s make sure each other is getting ours!