Daily Reflections January 14

Do you find yourself struggling with alcohol addiction on a daily basis?

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that offers support and guidance for anyone who is trying to put down the bottle.

As part of their 12-step program, members are encouraged to make amends with others they may have hurt in the past while sobering up. It can be tough but it’s worth it!

Daily Reflections January 14

We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 83

Sober, I began to see how wasteful my life had been and experienced overwhelming guilt.

The program’s Fourth and Fifth Steps assisted me enormously in healing those troubling regrets because they made it possible for me learn that self-centeredness stemmed largely from drinking while being an alcoholic helps newcomers like myself who are trying get free of addiction once more through sharing past experiences which can turn into gold now as a sober alcoholic – especially if you know what your opponent is going through!

The steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been a key turning point in my recovery.

I learned that, as an alcoholic – even if you are sober – your past is still part of who you are today and the only way to move forward is to take responsibility for what happened then and accept it.

When I was drinking, all I wanted was relief from those feelings but now they’re gone because I understand them better.

Today, when others share their regrets with me, instead of feeling sorry for them or wanting to change the subject like before, I listen patiently without judgment and try not to interrupt because there might be something important they need to say about how alcohol has affected their life too.”