Daily Reflections February 9

When you’re an alcoholic, every day is a fight. A battle to stay sober and upright. It’s hard work, and sometimes it feels like you’re fighting a losing battle. But even on the darkest days, there’s hope.

Today is one of those days. You wake up feeling tired and sore, but you remind yourself that you’re still alive. You can’t let yourself give up now. There’s always tomorrow.

Keep going, one day at a time. That’s the key to staying sober. Just keep moving forward, no matter how hard it gets.”

Daily Reflections February 9

How often do we sit in AA meetings and hear the speaker declare, “But I haven’t yet got the spiritual angle.” Prior to this statement, he had described a miracle of transformation which had occurred in him—not only his release from alcohol, but a complete change in his whole attitude toward life and the living of it. It is apparent to nearly everyone else present that he has received a great gift; “. . . except that he doesn’t seem to know it yet!” We well know that this questioning individual will tell us six months or a year hence that he has found faith in God.


I had a spiritual experience when I realized that my life, which seemed empty and devoid of meaning before then is now joyous.

Daily prayer coupled with meditation has brought me peace in an inner sense as well because it’s clear to see how much more there was than just drinking away all the time at bars became for me during sobriety.

A personal relationship built on trust between myself and God or whatever higher power you believe in; Time spent reflecting not only externally but internally too — taking care every day not be wasteful cussing like some people do who don’t know how words hurt others’ feelings/bodies even though we’re grown-ups here!

As evidenced by the quote I shared at the beginning, many people find that their life is empty and devoid of meaning when they are drinking alcohol.

When we stop living our lives through a haze of addiction and instead make time for prayer and meditation coupled with living Twelve Steps, we can begin to feel peace in ourselves which was missing before.

If you’ve been feeling like your life has become an endless cycle of emptiness, then it may be time to reach out for help from someone who understands what you’re going through.