Daily Reflections February 13

It’s easy to get caught up in the monotony of life. We go through the same motions day in and day out, without stopping to think about how we’re living or whether this is really what we want.

For alcoholics, this can be a dangerous mindset. We need to be constantly mindful of our sobriety, or we risk reverting back to old habits and behaviors.

That’s why it’s so important for us to take some time each day to reflect on how we’re doing.

Today, let’s take a look at where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow

Daily Reflections February 13

To the intellectually self-sufficient man or woman, many A.A.’s can say, “Yes, we were like you — far too smart for our own good. . . . Secretly, we felt we could float above the rest of the folks on our brain power alone.”AS BILL SEES IT, p. 60

The alcoholic is like the brilliant, intelligent man who attempts to avoid his addiction by thinking rigorously.

But it’s not just a matter of intelligence – even an average or low-skilled person can get drunk if they drink enough alcohol!

The power that brings us back from this state lies with God and those He trusts above all others.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone with a high IQ would need help in the first place, but alcoholism is something of an equal opportunity disease.

The smartest people are just as susceptible to alcohol addiction as those who have less education or intelligence.

I can’t think my way sober, and you’re not alone if this sounds familiar either—even brilliant minds aren’t immune from mental illness.