Daily Reflections February 12

If you’ve been sober for a few weeks, months or years, what are your thoughts and reflections on it today? As recovering alcoholics, many of us have experienced a journey filled with roller coaster rides of emotions.

Today we can take the time to reflect on how far we’ve come since our last drink and appreciate the strength that has carried us along the path of sobriety. February 12th presents an opportunity to acknowledge ourselves and honor all those who are supporting us in achieving greater wellness.

Daily Reflections February 12

Selfishness — self-centeredness! That, we think, is the root of our troubles.


Experiencing the humble realization that our world has been perfectly fine before and will continue to exist without us can be a relief. It’s beautiful to understand the existence of power greater than ourselves, separate from who we are – something much larger and beyond what we could ever imagine controlling or directing.

Through faith, this powerful connection helps bring purpose into life as an ongoing journey towards unification with God; one which promises growth in understanding through every step taken along its path.

The journey to believing in something more powerful than myself is never easy and I’m sure it won’t be the last time I’d feel the sensation of separation. No matter what thoughts and feelings I experience, however, millions of people have taken that same pathway to finding their center and discovering a new way of living.

There is hope and joy in pushing through those moments of doubt because of the reward on the other side – a peaceful trust that can only come from within.

So, as I continue my reflection today, embrace this moment knowing that there is something greater out there – even if we don’t comprehend or understand it all at once. May we all find our personal power greater than ourselves, one day soon.