Daily Reflections December 23

It’s been a long month, but you’ve made it to the finish line! It’s been tough, but you’ve resisted the urge to drink and have stayed sober.

You deserve a pat on the back—congratulations! But don’t celebrate for too long, because tomorrow is a new day and you need to stay vigilant.

Keep up the good work and remember your goals for sobriety. Stay strong and never give up; you can do this!

Daily Reflections December 23

Our Twelfth Step—carrying the message—is the basic service that AA’s Fellowship gives; this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence.THE LANGUAGE OF THE HEART, p. 160

I thank God for those who came before me, and I’m proud that they told me not to forget the legacy of mental health.

My home group has a Three Legacies sign which says “you take one leg off your stool – is it still stable?” That’s how we have been balancing our recovery with unity in service-to others; this was described best by 02 when she said: ‘In recovery we stand together or fall apart’.

I want to thank God for the people who came before me, those who told me not to forget.

The Three Legacies are Recovery, Unity and Service. In my home group, the Three Legacies were described on a sign which said “You take a three-legged stool, try to balance it on only one leg or two.

Our Three Legacies must be kept intact.” One of the chief gifts of my life has been knowing that I will have no message to give unless I recover in unity.