Daily Reflections August 4

You are not alone. Daily Reflections is a blog series that will provide you with tips on how to overcome addiction, and also discuss the process of recovery.

This post can be used as a daily meditation or journaling session to help you stay sober and find peace within yourself. Let’s start your day off right by taking a few moments to reflect on what we’re grateful for today.

I am grateful for my family, friends, and sobriety this morning! I hope that I can make it through another day without drinking alcohol!

Daily Reflections August 4

Faith, to be sure, is necessary, but faith alone can avail nothing. We can have faith, yet keep God out of our lives.


Growing up as an inquisitive kid, I was always questioning the existence of God.

My scientific thinking led me to never believe in any answer given because it couldn’t withstand a thorough examination- until one particularly patient woman said something that changed everything for me: “You must have faith.”

With those words she planted my recovery seeds and now I live every day with renewed optimism!

I know that my Higher Power has been with me throughout the years, but I’m happy to say that each day of sobriety brings Him closer and closer.

Recovery is not an easy process – it’s hard work!

But as we weed out our addiction one part at a time, faith grows stronger in place of old habits like drinking or gambling for entertainment.

And because having hope can make all things possible, recovery never feels impossible when you’re looking forward to something good coming your way on this journey––even if it takes forever!

I ask God every single day to grant me the willingness do His will.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my story and that of many others who have found their way back from addiction.

If you or someone close to you is struggling with alcoholism, please know that there are people just like me in recovery every day! You can find support at AA meetings Every journey begins by taking one step, which may be as simple as praising a Higher Power through prayer.

There’s hope out there – don’t give up on yourself today when tomorrow could bring better things your way!