Daily Reflections August 3

Are you struggling today? Whatever your answer, the fact that you are here reading this blog post and considering a daily reflection for August 3 means that you are seeking guidance and insights.

I want to start off by saying how proud I am of you for taking this step. Recovery from alcoholism is an ongoing process, but setting aside time each day to reflect can be greatly beneficial in recognizing things about yourself that may need changing, creating positive goals, and promoting personal growth.

Today’s reflection will center on facing difficulty persevering with strength and positivity during times of adversity.

Daily Reflections August 3

Our real purpose is to fit ourselves to be of maximum service to God and the people about us.


God’s love is an undeniable gift. He took me out of dark and dreary places, gifting me with a chance to truly grow in His world; I’m humbled by this mercy.

My way of showing gratitude for all that He has given is through selfless acts towards others—it’s the very least I can do! With faith, determination, and prayerful guidance from above, may my actions reflect the magnitude of His incomparable Love.

Taking time to review the love of God each and every day is a blessing. Stepping back and reflecting on the ways God has expressed love in your life has a power that brings peace, hope and joy. Let us strive to return this love to those around us by serving others with grace and kindness.

We can honor our creator’s example of pure, unconditional love by allowing it to radiate within ourselves and throughout our lives. May we go forth sharing God’s miraculous deeds, returning love unto Him while continuing to glorify His name.