Daily Reflections August 29

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the struggles of addiction. You can feel like no matter what you do, nothing will ever be enough for you to break free from this cycle. But if we take it one day at a time, making consistent efforts towards recovery, eventually these little changes will add up and have a big impact on our journey.

Today marks an important reminder that something as simple as taking moments throughout the day to reflect can bring us small amounts of peace in our lives despite all its challenges. Here is today’s reflection August 29th…

Daily Reflections August 29

We are sure that humility, expressed by anonymity, is the greatest safeguard that Alcoholics Anonymous can ever have.


Becoming a part of A.A. means forgoing recognition and embracing anonymity to humbly serve as one of God’s tools in the program.

With sobriety comes an inner peace that supersedes any need or urge to boast about your place in the organization; instead, you can let people observe how it has changed you from within – allowing them to find out on their own what happened if they ask!

Above all else, spirituality should take precedence over criticism within groups so each member is given room for growth filled with love and caring values.

It is in this way that sobriety provides us with a beautiful transformation; the transformation of our character for the better. Recovery is a decision to find inner joy and peace through silence, loyalty, and sacrifice.

Though it is not without its struggles – sobriety can be overwhelming or immense in its challenge – it yields immense rewards as well.

By walking on a path of deep self-reflection, forming meaningful relationships within our A.A. groups, and prioritizing love and spirituality above judgmental attitudes or criticisms, we help each other enrich the lives of all those around us.

As members of A.A., let us come together in humility to support each other and share our stories of hope and transformation.