Daily Reflections April 21

Today’s Daily Reflections is here to offer support, strength and hope to any readers who are battling alcoholism. We acknowledge that recovery is a long journey, full of ups and downs – but each day offers an opportunity for reflection and learning as we move ahead.

So take a few moments out of your day today to think about where you’re at in regards to treating your addiction and how you can push yourself further along the path towards sobriety. Your resilience will be rewarded if you stay true to yourself!

Daily Reflections April 21

“I don’t think we can do anything very well in this world unless we practice it. And I don’t believe we do A.A. too well unless we practice it. . . . We should practice . . . acquiring the spirit of service. We should attempt to acquire some faith, which isn’t easily done, especially for the person who has always been very materialistic, following the standards of society today. But I think faith can be acquired; it can be acquired slowly; it has to be cultivated. That was not easy for me, and I assume that it is difficult for everyone else. . . .”


• Fears can get in the way of faith.
• Fear impedes appreciation, tolerance, forgiveness, service, and serenity.

On April 21, I challenge myself to look within and break the fear-based mindset. Fear cannot extinguish the light of faith that lives in each of us, nor can it mask the beauty that is abundant in our lives.

If I allow fear to seep into my life, I will be robbed of viewing the world through a lens of patience and yielding. Instead, I must strive for holiness in every depth of my being; so that no matter how hard my road may seem, faith has the power to illuminate it.

By expelling fear and embracing faith, I can replace the darkness with empowering light and foster within me a deep peace – allowing me to persevere with strength, solace, and love.